Acharya College of Education

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Dr. D. H Jagadeesh

It is a great pleasure and excitement to adorn the chair of the Principal at Acharya College of Education, Soldevanahalli , Bangalore.

We live in a fascinating and constantly changing world today and it is our endeavour to provide our student teachers with quality Teacher Education in a stimulating and congenial environment.

We believe that every individual is born with some potential and we respect it. The student teachers in our college will be exposed to continuous exploration, learning and growth. They will be given innumerable inputs so as to develop the competence and the enthusiasm to tread the journey in the field of teaching leaving remarkable foot prints as efficient teachers. The prospective teachers at Acharya will not only develop a passion and drive to be creative teachers but also will be able to practice values and principles in every aspect of their personal and professional life. Such teachers are a great force to reckon with and have the power to change the world. We have a well defined code of conduct that is expected of every student teacher to adhere to for a common good.

At Acharya emphasis will be on creating teachers who will be

  • Creative and think like a learner
  • Masters in Pedagogy and life skills
  • Teachers who value and practice ethics
  • Evergreen learners who have a passion for teaching
  • Democratic in the class
  • Humans who demonstrate respect for the child
  • Teachers who believe in respectful discourse
  • Experimentation and discovery are their priorities

Welcome to this exciting journey of Teacher Education at Acharya B.Ed college, Soldevanahalli , Bangalore- 107