Why Acharya ?

To espouse the noble cause of preparing good teachers ideal for imparting School Education as per global educational trends

Collaboration with Academy For Creative Teaching(ACT)

Academy for Creative Teaching is a reputed organization headed by renowned educationist of international repute Dr. Gururaj Karajagi. It is a unique organization dedicated in fostering quality in Education and provide world class teacher training. The ACE will be provided with Academic Handholding to ensure quality in teaching- learning, strategic planning, documentation and professionalism. ACE gets valuable inputs in the process of Teacher Education from professionals of ACT who have made valuable contributions to various levels of Education

ACE offers

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Teaching ( PGDCT)
  • English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP)
  • 100% scholarship for selected meritorious students
  • 100% placement assistance for all successful student –teachers
  • Quality teaching- learning from the finest Teacher Educators
  • High speed internet labs accessible by all students in the Acharya WiFi campus
  • Best Internship programme in schools
  • Excellent library facilities with large collection of Reference books & Journals

Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Teaching (PGDCT)

Is an intensive programme integrated with B.Ed curriculum which is offered by Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore at no cost enabling student teachers to get a Degree and a Diploma certificate simultaneously. Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Teaching (PGDCT) gives an additional mileage to their professional practice among student teachers.

PGDCT enables student teachers to

  • Acquaint themselves with learner centered innovative teaching strategies
  • Adopt creative teaching techniques
  • Hone their communication and presentation skills
  • Practice ethics in every walk of life

ELIP English Language Improvement Program

It is realized that the teacher with English language ability both written & spoken are competent and successful in and outside the classroom. The pre-requisite to efficient teaching is effective communication skills which helps build good rapport with students, co- teachers, parents and others in general.

ELIP Is offered to students with a language concern so as to make him/her a good communicator by enhancing their LSRW skills making these skills more accurate& applicable with immediate effect. The objectives of the ELIP course are to -

  • Listen attentively & respond appropriately
  • Speak fluently, correctly & confidently
  • Read with correct intonation, modulation & correct pronunciation
  • Write meaningfully and without errors
  • Present ideas clearly and accurately
  • Enhance vocabulary

Placement Assistance-

ACT will assist student teachers who successfully complete B. Ed Degree with PGDCT Diploma in getting placement in schools