Master of Science - Chemistry

The department is supported by experienced and qualified teaching faculty and technical staff striving hard to impart the quality education and popularizing the subject and trying to eradicating the fear and imagination of toughness.


“Acharya Institutes, committed to the cause of value-based education in all disciplines, envisions itself as fountainhead of innovative human enterprise, with inspiration initiatives for academic excellence.”


“The mission of the Department of Physics is to learn and teach physics to provide innovative, quality scientific education, training, and creativity in the areas of Physics."

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The department arranges workshops, seminars and talks inviting the academicians from universities and research institutions and also displaying posters and articles about the research works going on in and around the world, making the students to initiate the research. Along with Under Graduate course, we started the Post Graduate course with an intake of thirty students. We offer the specialized course in Astro Physics, Material science, Atmospheric and space physics which are drawing attention of research oriented students. We also organize the programs to popularize the Physics with models made out of the materials thrown as useless. And also we call the students of neighboring schools before whom we do the experiments and teach the easy way to the experiments.

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Post Graduate

Master of Science - Chemistry
Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility : A candidate must have secured 40% marks in aggregate and 50% in Chemistry (cognate subject) at B.Sc. level and studied Mathematics at Pre-University or 10+2 level.

Career Scope :
• Chemistry is an exciting and challenging experimental science, which helps us to understand our world and makes our life easier.

• Chemistry is a big part of our daily life. It is fundamental to understand other science disciplines including biology and medicine.

• The importance of Chemistry would not diminish over time, so it will remain a promising career path. In a nut shell, the study of Chemistry provides a vehicle for obtaining an education for life in a broad sense, so welcome to the great world of Chemistry.

• There is a wide range of opportunity for innovative research in institutes and universities.

• Huge demand for skilled chemists in Industrial research across the world.

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Chief Advisor

Prof. Gurunath Rao Vaidya

Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.


Dr. Sandeep C

Assistant Professor & Head,
Department of Chemistry, AIGS.

Member Secretary

Dr. Rajesh T N

Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry, AIGS


Dr. L Gomathi Devi

Department of Chemistry,
Bangalore University.

Dr. Prasad Prahalad Pujar

Associate professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Christ University, Bengaluru.


Dr. Veerendra Bhadrasetty

Consultant - Chief - Radiochemist,
Department of Cyclotron,
Healthcare Global Enterprises, Bengaluru.