Master of Science - Physics

Fundamentally, physics is the study of the entire universe. From studying stars far beyond earth, to elucidation the shape of a water droplet, Physics offer students the opportunity to understand the world around them in all its extent and difficulty.


“Acharya Institutes, committed to the cause of value-based education in all disciplines, envisions itself as fountainhead of innovative human enterprise, with inspiration initiatives for academic excellence.”


“The mission of the Department of Physics is to learn and teach physics to provide innovative, quality scientific education, training, and creativity in the areas of Physics."

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Department of Physics at the Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies is supported by high qualified and experienced teaching faculty and technical staff striving hard to impart the quality education and popularizing the subject and trying to eradicating the fear and imagination of toughness. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills which play a vital role in grooming the students. Research in the department covers a wide range of fields and world-class research on a wide spectrum of physical phenomena is conducted. Given the wide array of opportunities in the department, we encourage all our students to open up teaching as well as research opportunities in Physics. Students have an opportunity to develop skills using observational, theoretical and computational techniques and also get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art computation and laboratory equipment in our laboratories.

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Post Graduate

Master of Science - Physics
Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility : A candidate must have passed B.Sc. degree with Physics & Mathematics as any two of three cognate subjects and has scored minimum 50% marks in aggregate in optional subjects.

Career Scope :
M.Sc. Physics degree at Acharya Institute of Graduate studies helps to equip students to become effective teachers ,researchers and to develop robust, high-level analytical skills that are contribute to the needs of the society by provide an environment of learning and knowledge creation through academic rigor and innovation.

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Chief Advisor

Prof. Gurunath Rao Vaidya

Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.


Dr I F Mudagall

Professor & Head,
Department of Physics, AIGS.

Member Secretary

Mr. Darshan G P

Department of Physics, AIGS


Dr. K Nagaraj

Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics,
Bangalore University.

Dr. Somesh

Senior Scientist, ISTRAC,ISRO.