Master of Science - Psychology

The Department of Mathematics was set up in 2011 with an intake capacity of 30 and the current intake is 45 students for MSC programme, affiliated to Bangalore University.


“Acharya Institutes, committed to the cause of value-based education in all disciplines, envisions itself as fountainhead of innovative human enterprise, with inspiration initiatives for academic excellence.”


“The Mission of the department is to provide students, with a deep broad knowledge of mathematics sufficiently to prepare them for leading roles as educators, researchers, industrial mathematicians”.

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The Department of Psychology was set up in 2005 with an intake capacity of 60 and the current intake is 90 students for BA programme with two combination- Psychology, Journalism, Optional English and Psychology, Marketing, Economics and M.Sc in Applied Psychology from the current academic year-2015-16 with the intake capacity of 30 students affiliated to Bangalore University. The department is supported by experienced and qualified teaching faculty for the cause of quality education. The department organizes workshops, seminars, fests, club activities and invites talks from experts in the field.

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Post Graduate

Master of Science - Psychology
Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility : Candidates having degree with 40% in aggregate and 50% in Psychology.

Career Scope :
Psychology being the immense foundation of knowledge in exploring and discovering oneself and others has its own unique scope and advantages. At a graduate level the subject has its reservation almost in all the fields of the society mainly in the fields of clinic, corporate, applied, education and research. In the present challenging and changing environment its being more welcoming and has been in great demand in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology. Moreover much emphasis is given in knowing oneself. Students have a great scope in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology especially acquiring their masters in psychology. In India Psychology is an upcoming field and therefore a lot of attention is diverted especially in the fields like Forensic Psychology, criminology and research. Society has been welcoming a lot of job openings for psychology graduates.

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Chief Advisor

Prof. Gurunath Rao Vaidya

Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.


Prof. George Varied Thekkan

Assistant Professor & Head,
Department of Psychology, AIGS.

Member Secretary

Mrs. Prathibha M V

Department of Psychology, AIGS


Dr. H S Ashok

Professor and Chairperson (BOS),
Department of Psychology,
Bangalore University.


Mrs. Swarnalatha Iyer

Associate Professor and ‎MD,
Seshan's Academy Infinity Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.