Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering


“Department of Mechatronics is committed to educating and training of students on all aspects of Mechatronics that benefit the society and humanity.”


"To provide education in Mechatronics that leads to diversity of skilled professionals, who contribute prosperity of society and nation."

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Mechatronics is synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronics and intelligent computer control in design and manufacture of products and processes. Mechatronics studies synergistic fusion of precise mechatrinical units, electronics, and electro-technical and computer components for the purpose designing and manufacturing qualitatively modules, systems, machines and complexes of machines with intellectual control of their functional movements.

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Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering
Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility : Pass in SSLC / 10th / ’O’ Level from any recognised Board or Council with an aggregate of 35% in Maths and Science.

Career Scope
The diploma qualification provides a good grounding for students who wish to continue further studies or employment where the skills, knowledge and understanding of planning ,designing, construction & manufacturing are useful. The programme will develop the student’s understanding for a full range of careers within the manufacturing and maintenance industry as members of a flexible, competitive , multi-skilled workforce. As a matter of fact, today’s technology driven industries are forcibly looking at diploma students to fill up a lot of vacancies in their organizations when higher engineering skills may not be immediately required

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Chief Advisor

Prof. H S S Bhanumurthy

Principal, Administration,
Acharya Polytechnic.

Prof. B N Nagendra Kumar

Principal, Academics,
Acharya Polytechnic.

Member Secretary

Mr. Ravi Kumar S

Head of Department,
Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, AP.


Mr. Shreenivasa Y G

Mr. Narasimha Murthy

Prof. Srinivasa Reddy M

Prof. A R K Swamy

Head of Department,
Department of Mechatronics Engineering, AP.

Prof. Niranjan Murthy

Mr. Anup Purohith

Alumni Member

Mr. Abhiram R

Student Representative

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1. Participate creatively in the “Engineering Design Process” of complex automotive engineering design problems at conceptual and detail design stages.

2. Apply good engineering practice to the critical comparison and selection of manufacturing processes and materials for the production of automotive engineering components.

3. Demonstrate the ability to apply scientific and engineering principles to the solution of practical problems of automotive systems and processes; with an emphasis on the relevance of theory and analysis, including the ability to develop and use models from which the behaviour of the physical world can be predicted.

4. Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge in order to analyse data and solve problems in a logical, practical and concise manner.

5. Learn independently and apply that skill in order to extend the subject knowledge base or apply acquired knowledge to novel situations in an engineering environment.

6. Critical review of the present knowledge base, its applicability, usage and relevance to enhance product and enterprise performance.

7. To prepare students for successful careers in automotive and ancillary industries that meets demands across the globe.

8. To promote students, the awareness of the life-long learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.

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1. Graduates of Automobile Engineering use and apply core mathematical and analytical techniques to facilitate problem formulation and solution of Automotive Engineering problems.

2. Automobile Engineering Graduates analyse new technical challenges and create technical advancements in the automotive industry and also synthesize.

3. Graduates identify complex systems of vehicles as from technical and social perspectives through a broad platform in automotive engineering.

4. Graduates of Automobile Engineering evaluate Automotive Systems and products in terms of direct use and lifecycle analysis and take Environmental and Economic aspects into consideration.