Diploma in Mining Engineering

Mining brings the hidden natural earth minerals to surface for societal and industrial needs and is a significant contributor to the economy of a country.


“Department of Mechatronics is committed to educating and training of students on all aspects of Mechatronics that benefit the society and humanity.”


"To provide education in Mechatronics that leads to diversity of skilled professionals, who contribute prosperity of society and nation."

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Mining engineers design, plan, and supervise surface and underground mines to unearth the minerals economically and safely for further processing and human utilization. Modern mining engineering is multi-disciplinary and requires sound fundamental technical and scientific knowledge. Acharya Polytechnic offers Diploma in Mining Engineering which was started in 2013 with an intake of 60 students and with an intake of 120 students in 2015. The department prepares you to take up the challenges of modern mining practice and position yourself for a leadership role in the mining industry. Under this program there is a model schedule that most students will follow, while still allowing you to create your own educational path for a suitable area of interest in mining engineering.

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Diploma in Mining Engineering
Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility : Pass in SSLC / 10th / ’O’ Level from any recognised Board or Council with an aggregate of 35% in Maths and Science.

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A Diploma in Mining Engineer is able to,

1. Able to apply their knowledge of basic sciences, Environmental sciences, management and basic and allied engineering to identify, formulate and solve complex engineering problems related to Mining Engineering with a multi-disciplinary approach.

2. Able to apply their domain skills in real-life problem, simulation, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and validation with presentation, querying and answering skills.

3. Able to design excavation systems with an understanding of rock mass behavior under varying geo-mining conditions considering its impact on engineering design and mine operations.

4. Have an understanding of production planning, scheduling and equipment selection for overall economy of operation, Able to understand the geology of earth crust, ore mineralization

5. Have good understanding in computer aided design, IT applications etc.

6. An understanding of rules, regulations; statutory requirements and other regulatory provisions; their role & responsibilities in the context of impact of mining activities and engineering decisions on miner’s health & safety, the environment, and society for attaining sustainable solutions.

7. Able to do mine planning and design with an objective of safe, economic and sustainable exploitation of mineral resources by both surface and underground mining methods.

8. Able to understand professional commitment and apply work place ethics.

9. Able to achieve the Production through the way of Safety by taking Individual and team responsibility.

10. Possess good professional communication, managerial skills, with independent and original thinking for becoming effective mine managers, decision makers to solve complex management issues in mines.

11. Have adequate exposure to advances in technology, management, methods, equipment in the mining and allied domains through Specialized electives in frontier areas of engineering & technology.

12. Have an ability to carry out economic appraisal of mining projects in terms of economic feasibility, mine Evaluation.

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On completing the Diploma programme, the students should have acquired the following characteristics,

1. To enrich the field oriented knowledge base of the Mining Diploma holders in the areas of geology, exploration, mine planning, management, safety, mine valuation, mineral development, exploitation, mineral beneficiation, mine surveying, environmental impact assessment, reclamation, mine closure and socio-economic and legal issues through inter disciplinary inputs and guidance with an aim of producing wholesome mining engineers.

2. To enhance technical and intellectual competence of the Mining Diploma holders in mining and allied domains and encourage them for pursuing higher education and carry out R&D activities in the area of mining & other earth science disciplines that support environmental compliance and energy security needed for the societal growth.

3. To make the Mining Diploma holders successful professionals backed with techno-managerial capabilities to address societal needs with regard to the environment, health and safety, and conservation of our natural resource.