Acharya's NRV School of Architecture

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Prof. Vasanth K Bhat

Warm Greetings from Acharya Institute of Technology!

Acharya Institute of Technology enjoys an excellent reputation with programs in engineering and technology that top the list of the most rewarding and versatile engineering degrees today.

Acharya Institute of Technology’s vision statement envisages setting up state-of-the-art infrastructure and providing academic opportunities to the young aspirants. Essentially, it recognizes that every young person has an aspiration and a dream that needs a platform for nurturing. Acharya Institute of Technology has been expanding the platform to enlarge the streams of academics and deepened knowledge. The vision also emphasizes upon ‘success’ of these youth – both in terms of academics and the professional career that the academic success guarantees. The Acharya Institute of Technology’s commitment to the industry and its various sectors is to create a synergistic relationship – of sharing knowledge and kindled research which is expressed in the innumerable industry-institute interface activities on the campus. This underlining commitment of Acharya Institute of Technology has grown stronger and robust year after year.

Our Pedagogy is designed to provide each student with the proper guidance and direction to be successful in achieving their educational goals while continuing to raise the tradition of academic achievement. During this process, it is our intention to instill and encourage each student with a passion for academic achievement and stimulate the intellectual quest throughout life. Our students are the future leaders of tomorrow; we provide them with every opportunity to succeed by creating an atmosphere where excellence in thought, dialogue and action is valued and rewarded.