Acharya School of Design


Acharya School of Design announcing design contest for the year 2018 in association with Istituto Europeo Di Design(IED), Italy. Winner will be awarded with attractive prizes and Opportunity to visit IED, Italy.

Who can participate?

Any student at UG/PG level. Studying, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Fashion and relevant courses in Acharya Campus.

Important Dates

Last Date for Competition
15, March, 2018

Last Date for Final Submission
15, April, 2018

Announcement of Results
15, May, 2018

For details contact

  • Mr. Ramesh N - Dean, Acharya School of Design

  • Mr. Dinesh Dandapat - Associate Professor, Acharya School of Design

  • Mr. Shilpa - Academic Coordinator, Acharya School of Design


Each student can select one OR more than one category topic from the following list.
Submission entry will be by one individual only and no group entry is allowed.


The length of the comic strip should be maximum 60 panels to minimum of 30 panels.
Each Panel size should be ; 4 inches x 6 inches.
Any colours suitable to the story mood can be used.
Technically incorrect entries will be rejected.


Digital soft copy of the final work in PDF file format
Hard copy in printed comic book format
All pre-production and development works in soft copy format
A hard copy of the reference letter from the HOD is compulsory

Design a product / system / strategical (planning and approach) development related to any of the area
Energy and Transportation ( Sustainable and Renewable energy / Green Energy / Eco Friendly Energy )
Health Care and Medical Products
Environment and Pollution ( Pollution control and Environmental rehabilitation )
Recycling (System / Product) (System or Strategy development on Recycling (Product, Energy, Resource, Fabric, Materials: Plastic, Metal etc. or anything that can be recycled)

Identify a potential Concept / Project based on your interest from the given areas for research
A brief Concept note should be written with scope of the outcome
The Research about the concept / topic/ problem area must be based on the field research / Interview of the user. This should be documented with proofs in the form of internet research, on the spot photographs, interviews, excerpts etc

The Design process of problem Identification ( Discovery ), Ideation, Conceptualization, the process of Finding a solution, sketching, and initial model making etc. must be submitted with supporting photographs and documents
Technical Or Diagrammatic details of the drawings ( both for product / system / strategy ) to be submitted in as much details or grass root level as possible
A Virtual Model or drawing of a design strategy/approach also need to be submitted depending on its intensity of penetration/ reaching to people can also be considered
A physical or tangible prototype of a model or prototype ( working or non working ) with its detailed view and technicality in the form of a document need to be submitted which will add value
The format of the document is restricted to A-4 size only
A hard copy of the reference letter from the HOD is compulsory

Design a product / system / strategical (planning and approach) development related to any of the area

Option 1 – Kiosk for an eatery outlet in a mall

Size: 8’ X 22’
Seating capacity: 6-8 people
Reference image is given:

Option 2 - Studio Apartment exclusively for students

Size: 12’ X 15’
Accommodating capacity: 2 people
Other Requirements / Specifications:
1 – 2 Case study of an existing area
Concept sketches/Mood board
Detailing out specifications shall be communicated to students
Reference image is given:

* Terms and Conditions for Selection and Rejection
All the final entries by students should be certified by the Institution Head/ Principal. Without the certificate the entry will not be considered for competition.
All the topics given are for only individual competitor and not for group work.
Selection procedure is solely at the discretion of the Expert Juries. No objection and questioning will be entertained.
The Concept will be selected on the strength of its originality, individuality and on the merit and scope of the product/ concept.

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