Acharya Pre-University College

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Prof. Gururaj S

Dear all,
In everyone’s life, there comes a time when all is fresh and new. This is called a turning point which is decisive. They put one on a course which is completely different from the earlier. Pre University education is one such Turning Point. After nearly a decade-plus of schooling which perhaps was more fun than serious academics, Pre University education is the conditioning ground for higher academics ahead. It is in these two years that one strengthens the foundation for future pursuits. It is in these two years that one learns skills that help one succeed in life. It is also in these two years that one gets to distinguish between the right and wrong. Classroom learning to experiential learning; from being tutored to getting self-driven; being an individual to getting into group activities; mere reading to researching.. .. There is a sea change that is required to be cultivated in these two critical years. Apart from these mental faculties, students also need to cope with the pressure of preparing themselves for various Aptitude and Entrance Tests which will determine their future. CET for Medical and Engineering professional studies is one such decisive phase of filtering. Many other Bachelor Degree Programmes require special skills and approaches.

Acharya Pre University College addresses all these issues seriously. The College understands the young minds going through this phase passionately and has put in place Faculty, Infrastructure and Processes that will make this phase an enjoyable and successful one. It has caring and committed teaching staff, and the state-of-the art facilities that are rare to find. The College is part of an educational conglomerate of nine institutions and five thousand students that give immense exposure to youngsters which is critical in today’s contexts.

Welcome to Acharya Pre University College. It is here one sees care, concern, academic eminence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, industry-standard equipment, crosscurrents of knowledge… converging in one place. These ensure that you get a head – start in higher education which you will cherish forever. It is here that you will find everything going in your favor in fulfilling your aspirations.

"Best wishes to you. I look forward to having you with us."