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Quality Cell

Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies (AIGS) understands Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as an adoptable Management Philosophy to revitalize the educational and administrative concepts. The establishment of IQAC on 14 August 2010 aids for excellence and is a major post-accreditation quality sustenance measure. The cell integrates itself into the institutional mechanism to facilitate growth in every facet. The cell plans, guides and monitors quality assurance and enhancement activities. It plays a key role in channelizing, systematizing the efforts and measures of the Institution towards excellence in all its spheres.

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SSR Cycle

"Jnanavardhini" - Online MultiDisciplinary Research Journal (Annual Issue)
      Jnanvardhini, a pioneering effort at bringing out an online journal for promoting research and development in the AIGS and encouraging faculty and students to express their original idea through articles / papers / case studies in all the disciplines of natural science and humanities to expand the horizons of knowledge in the service of mankind.

It is a matter of great pleasure that the Research & Development Wing of the Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies is bringing out the Online Multidisciplinary Research Journal “Jnanvardhini”. This is a much awaited step in the right direction for the AIGS.

With the exponential demand for, and the growth of higher education and highly competitive industry and commerce to which the educational sector feeds the human resources, only those Institutions can stand out as real contributors who encourage and are in the forefront of knowledge creation through research and development activities. For facilitating the research activities among the faculty and students; having our own Research Journal with ISSN number shall prove to be a highly advantageous catalyst for research activities.

Most importantly, this initiative is successfully taking shape in the silver Jubilee year of the Acharya Group of Institutions is a matter of satisfaction for me. While complimenting the R&D team for taking this initiative to commence the publication of “Jnanavardhini”, I wish the venture a bright future and success as a Journal of excellence.

Dr. Gurunathrao Vaidya
Principal, AIGS

Editors Note
“Jnanavardhini”, reaches the esteemed faculty of the AIGS, a sense of accomplishment is justifiably pervading us in the R&D team. Overcoming the formidable initial inertia, and making a modest beginning indeed is an accomplishment, as all big accomplishments owe their realization to several small, insignificant events and consistent efforts. The R&D team intends to take this humble initiative to greater heights of professional excellence.

For the professional faculty, consistent and purposeful knowledge dissemination to the students holds the key to their successfully discharging their obligations to the students’ community. Knowledge dissemination essentially results from knowledge acquisition and knowledge acquisitions can be from the already available sources of knowledge and through one’s own efforts of knowledge creation.

In the highly competitive world of today where change is the dominant force of life, knowledge has become a commodity whose shelf value reduces with time. Thus knowledge obsolescence demands that it be replenished continuously by newer and newer knowledge in every field of human activity; and this is the biggest and perennial challenge for the Faculty, to constantly and consistently add to the knowledge base in one’s own discipline. A faculty and an educational Institution are recognized only when they are in the vanguard of knowledge Creation.

Developing a scientific temper and obtaining, developing and sustaining a research oriented approach ensures internal growth – intellectual, academic and professional, for the faculty and the students community and is also the avowed goal of this online journal “Jnanavardhini”. The faculty contributing their high quality research papers / professional articles in the AIGS research journal shall enhance the success and contributions of the journal and resultantly that of the Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, and also those associated with this venture. We are in the process of obtaining the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for Jnanavardhini.

Commencing an activity is just the beginning and real challenge for all of us lies ahead. Making a mark and creating an image of excellence in the academic field calls for passion, dedication and consistent hard work and I am sure the R&D team and the faculty of AIGS will exhibit their teamwork and excellence to make this journal a pride of AIGS.

Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged.

Dr. Madhukar N Kulkarni

Editorial Board

Dr. GurunathRao Vaidya
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore.
Mobile :9886833013

Dr. Madhukar N Kulkarni
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore.
Mobile :9206152964 / 9066856938


Dr. Lokesha V
Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics, VSK University, Jnanasagar Campus, Bellary - 583105.
Mobile :8892531820

Dr. S R Keshava
Department of Economics, Bangalore University.
Mobile :9480584544

Dr. Sujendra Prakash
Consultant Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist.
Mobile :9845021600

Prof. Chandramouli A S
Head, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
Mobile :9886394831

Dr. Sreemati Giri
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies
Mobile :9986878475

Dr. Sherin P Antony
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology,
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
Mobile :9482730716

Prof. Dhanalakshmi K
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Management.
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
Mobile :9538826136

Prof. Prashanth V
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
Mobile :8884545415

Prof. Aruna Kumari
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
Mobile :8147160116

Call of Paper
Call for Submission of Quality Research Papers / Book Reviews / Case Studies in “Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies” for publication in our Journal – “Jnanavardhini” an Online Multi Disciplinary Research Journal (Annual Issue)
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Dean (R & D)
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies.
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