Office of International Affairs and Collaboration

Chairman's Message

Acharya Institutes

B Premnath Reddy

  • Founder Chairman

I welcome you to Acharya, home to an intellectual community with a distinctive history, built on the ideals of open discourse, rigorous inquiry and analysis, and a diversity of perspectives. We believe in the power of education in bettering lives the world over, and therefore, we strive to explore the unknown and bring to light newer chapters in the world of knowledge.

With international academic collaborations, research partnerships, language training, multi-stream academic environment, intercultural support systems, and much more, Acharya in Bengaluru, India, is where your next step lies if you are pursuing collective growth in the fields of research and education.

Acharya, now in its mid-twenties, is global by its student composition, universal by its medley of thoughts and faiths, and is, by the range of academic streams, industry insights and corporate practices, undoubtedly Bengaluru’s Largest Academic Facility. Students from nearly 75 countries study here; over 200 corporates and industries scout for talent every year; delegations from over 20 international universities explore the academic facility; and nearly 15 national research institutions collaborate with us. And with our riveting performances, both in curricular and extra-curricular domains, Acharya has emerged as the most ‘preferred destination’ for industries and institutions both within India and abroad with wider ranging interests - interaction to innovation and association to collaboration.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the university faculty and staff, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to be a part of the Acharya family. Together, let’s discover new realms of knowledge and become actively involved in the advancement of the world.