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Acharya Film Forum

Vision: To leave a legacy for future film enthusiasts to have these opportunities. We want to provide students & faculty with the opportunity to attend events on and off campus.

Mission: This forum provides the students an opportunity to watch, discuss and review films. Moreover, it is a fantastic launch-pad for the student aspirants in the field, to expose them to liberal arts and critical thinking. Showings of movies and festivals for students help them to have an excellent journey through the Digital Film/Creative Writing workshops and seminars.

  • Screening movies/documentary films that encourage students to gain team spirit, creativity, self-motivation and long lasting imprints of social/moral values.
  • It also aims to familiarise students with various cultural backgrounds through unique films.
  • Screening foreign language films that help students expand their horizons of knowledge and experience.
  • Have an entire community group.
  • Opportunities to create their short films.
  • Enhance cinematics learning.
  • Participate in Student Short Film Festivals.

Acharya holds regular Film Screening, Lectures, Film Appreciation, Film story-writing and Workshops to celebrate and discuss art in the form of films.

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Caption: Students cosplaying at the launch of Acharya Film Forum