Acharya is determined to offer the best to its students, in consequence Acharya staff are continuously developing innovative ways of using technology to support teaching and learning through online and offline learning environments, including e-portfolios, podcasts, streaming media and online discussion groups and quizzes.

Our physical classrooms and laboratories offer smart classrooms with technological enhancements, including interactive whiteboards and classroom response systems that can improve students' and staff's overall learning and explaining experience.

At Acharya, we have well-planned and systematically laid out classrooms with digital facilities. A conducive atmosphere is created in the classrooms to help students study more effectively.

As part of Acharya's learning process, we use a Learning Management System To ensure a quality learning environment for students, the institute has well-appointed classrooms. A variety of IT infrastructure, Computers, Internet facilities, and audio-visual aids augment the classroom pedagogy. Students benefit from these facilities to enrich their educational experience and enable the blended learning model, which has become a norm.

In taking forward its Vision, the Placements at Acharya campus is a dynamic, real-time process which is inclusive, proactive, ambitious and wholesome. Acharya has successfully placed maximum of its students from the professional programmes and the placement process is constantly tuned based on Industry need and feedback.

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