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Developer’s Club of Acharya

Vision: Developer’s Club Of Acharya is a student driven community club that aims to usher technological innovation by imparting skills and strengthening the existing knowledge base of students.

Mission: Engineering student without coding skills is like a warrior without a sword, so our Acharya Institute Of Technology has introduced the idea of “Developer’s Club Of Acharya”. Within this environment, senior student will guide every member from the club about the skills which he had gained during his four years of academics and his developed logic.

  • To increase coding literacy.
  • To create Logical thinking among engineering students.
  • To develop the skill employment for the campus placement.
  • To remove code phobia.
  • To create an incubation environment for skilled Developer.

The club conducts events and workshops. The club holds lectures and talks on technology. It hosts coding competitions and hackathons.

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