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Music Club

Vision: Our music curriculum aims to provide all students with a high quality of music education which engages and inspires them to develop a life-long love of music, increases their self- confidence, creativity, and imagination and provides opportunities for them to build their career in a passionate field.

Mission: To inculcate love and respect among the members for nature and thus work with a global perspective.

  • To enhance the Music talent among the students.
  • To encourage the students to actively participate in various music based events conducted within the campus and outside the campus
  • To showcase the talents of the students in singing, playing, various classical and modern equipments.
  • To develop a powerful framework that allows the students to become passionate and ambitious musicians to craft their own professional talents.
  • To motivate the students to work for musical projects, bands, orchestra etc.
  • Will be enhancing soft skills such as communication skills and confidence levels along with breaking their stage fear.
  • Would be able in time management, emotion management, success & failure management, crisis management and more importantly people management.
  • Will be equipping their whole lives with knowledge and passion for music.
  • Inculcating values such as empathy, broad mindedness, team-spirit, self-control, ethics, acceptance of pluralities in society, corporate social responsibility, and so on.
  • Reservations and placements in cultural quota would be add-on benefits for the students who represent state and nationals.

Cultural events and activities to showcase students’ creativity are often held which help them express themselves and face their stage fear.

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