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Theatre Club

Vision: The college theatre club is committed to a comprehensive, student-focused educational philosophy that integrates arts theory and experiences in creating opportunities for students to become extraordinary and innovative leaders.

Mission: Our mission is to use the evolving, live, collaborative art of theatre to develop artists and scholars who have a lifelong passion for the arts.

  • To engage productivity in the collaborative process.
  • To build intellectual and aesthetic understanding of the craft and technique of theatre arts.
  • To develop an appreciation of and respect for the various roles/aspects inherent within the theatrical process.
  • To explore the diversity of theatre and its intersection with community, culture and society.
  • To produce diverse productions that challenge students and engage the university community.
  • Will be enhancing soft skills such as communication skills and confidence levels along with breaking their stage fear.
  • Would be able in time management, emotion management, success & failure management, crisis management and more importantly people management.
  • Will be equipping their whole lives with knowledge and passion for music.
  • Inculcating values such as empathy, broad mindedness, team-spirit, self-control, ethics, acceptance of pluralities in society, corporate social responsibility and soon.
  • Reservations and placements in cultural quota would be add-on benefits for the students who represent state and nationals.

Cultural events and activities to showcase students’ creativity are often held which help them express themselves and face their stage fear.

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