As you are aware, Karnataka State enjoys large scientific human resource in India with state of the art research and technology institutions / laboratories and scientific establishments in the country. Innovative / research work carried out in these establishments contribute immensely to the advancement of science and technology, thereby, furthering the economic growth of the nation. Project / R&D work in engineering and other technical institutions carried out as a part of their curriculum during their graduate and postgraduate programmes could be quite innovative, novel and have practical / industrial applications and hence large economic potential. Also, in many engineering colleges, Incubation Centers have been established to support the development and commercialization of such innovations. These innovations, protectable under Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), can be of huge commercial advantage not only to the inventor but also to the nation. Protection of IPR plays a key role in gaining advantageous position in these days of competition for technology advancement and consequent economic growth of the nation.

Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. Similarly, artists would not be fully compensated for their creations and cultural vitality would suffer as a result. Intellectual Property Rights are of different types which include patent, copyright, trademark, industrial design, geographical indication, plant variety protection etc.

In view of facilitating IPR activities (particularly patents) at Acharya Institutes, Intellectual Property Rights Cell was set up in association with Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Bangalore (KSCST) and Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC) (Govt of Karnataka Centre for Export Promotion) Department of Industries & Commerce, Bangalore. The same was inaugurated on 28 th April 2016. Mr.Iqbal Ahmed, Deputy Director, has been nominated as the Nodal Officer of this IP Cell.