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Art Club

Vision: Our vision is for the Art Club to be the voice and the representative of the visual arts and artists of our community, and to be a beacon of Artistic endeavor for the Treasure Coast. We will strive to do this by both continuing our existing programs and by strengthening our ties to our growing artistic community.

Mission: To foster appreciation of art and artistic growth through exhibitions and educational opportunities for its members. To extend cultural enrichment to the community at large by exhibiting our artists' works at public locations in various venues around Indian River County to stress the value and importance of art in the world. To offer scholarship opportunities to students who wish to study art or go on to colleges for art related courses and help financially support art programs through our schools and recreation department art programs. To encourage and support both appreciation and creation of fine art.

  • Exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of the elements of design.
  • Use materials, tools and processes from a variety of media (printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography).
  • Handle materials effectively
  • Create original objects of art in a specific medium (see above)
  • Select appropriate media relative to concepts and forms of art.
  • Students will be able to find approach to nature related problems.
  • Students will have the knowledge of sustainable development goals and the solutions to it.
  • Students will be able to connect with various environment related NGO’s and receive knowledge about the various issues.

Students are encouraged to showcase their art works through college publications.

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