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Dance Club

Vision: Our goal is to give each individual dancer the tools they need to take dance as far as they dream to take it. We believe if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Mission: Our mission is to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for the developing dancer.


To create a platform to unite all classical dancers and work together for a common goal. Through this club we aspire to enhance our participation in all major competitions and represent our college in the best way.

  • Will be enhancing soft skills such as communication skills and confidence levels along with breaking their stage fear.
  • Would be able in time management, emotion management, success & failure management, crisis management and more importantly people management.
  • Will be equipping their whole lives with knowledge and passion for music.
  • Inculcating values such as empathy, broad mindedness, team-spirit, self-control, ethics, acceptance of pluralities in society, corporate social responsibility, and so on.
  • Reservations and placements in cultural quota would be add-on benefits for the students who represent state and nationals.

Cultural events and activities to showcase students creativity are often held which help them express themselves and face their stage fear.

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