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Literature Club

Vision: The Literature Club aims to develop analytical and creative thinking skills. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature and increase their own literary skills.

Mission: The Literary Club is on a committed mission to amplify all the thought provoking voices of students and to help them realize their ideas.

  • To act as a positive catalyst for upgrading and honing skills.
  • To light up the light of enlightenment in everyone's mind.
  • To make the essence of knowledge felt by everyone.
  • To hone up the literary sensibilities and competencies of the students.
  • To unleash an author in oneself and the others.
  • To impart the significance of literature not just to readers but also to non-readers by introducing them to the world of literature.
  • Students will be able to find an approach to think critically, and appreciate various forms of literature.
  • Students will have the knowledge and exposure to different forms of literature.
  • Students will be able to connect with the material and receive knowledge about the various issues.
  • Students can showcase their creative writing.

Students are featured in college magazines to showcase their creative writing.

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