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Photography Club

Vision: Making memories, telling your stories through quality professional photography lasting for generations to come.

Mission: The Photography programme, in supporting the mission of the Department of Visual and Media Arts, develops liberally-educated professional media scholars through student-centered inquiry and practice in visual communication. It helps them understand the history, theory, criticism, and production of photographic images using state of the art methods, tools, and facilities.

  • We value a student-centered curriculum with a face-to-face learning community of students and faculty.
  • We value the ideals of a liberal education and the life of the mind.
  • We value a safe and professional learning environment and the essential experiences and opportunities conducive to professional development, creativity and intellectual growth.
  • We value a sharing of resources and collaborations with interested partners in the Department of Visual and Media Arts, the university community, and the regional community.
  • Students will be able to find approach to nature related problems.
  • Students will have the knowledge of sustainable development goals and the solutions to it.
  • Students will be able to connect with the world surrounding them.

Students are often encouraged and supported in publishing their photography through Acharya.

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