The Acharya Infrastructure : Best in Class

Acharya's Infrastructure has been recognised as the best in class. Being the largest composite academy in Bangalore, Acharya provides added value to the student experience on campus through its infrastructural prowess.

India's #1 Technology enabled library: A Paradise for the bibliophile

Acharya Learning Resource Centre is a state-of-the-art facility expanding over 36,000 square feet transpiring to an unmatched learning experience for the students. With over two hundred thousand e-resources and a digital portal allowing easy access to online programmes from anywhere across the globe, the LRC is an epiphany of excellence. The resource centre is open well beyond class hours to facilitate usage by the students. Ergonomically designed furniture, fantastic ambience, naturally lit spaces and a cafeteria makes it a haven for Book Lovers. A visit to the facility is an experience in itself with abundant use of technology to ensure the entire process of borrowing is made hassle-free.

Smart classrooms: For the smart people

Acharya leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing students with facilities that can make smoother their learning process. One of the examples being the smart classrooms here, with modern electronic devices and hi-tech seating facilities.

Hostels & Residences: Home away from home

To begin with, the housing (hostel) facilities are made as ‘homely’ as possible. With choices of single/shared furnished occupancies with or without kitchenettes. The life at the hostel is an extension of the academic pursuit of the student. It helps them grow with a proper mix of care, discipline and personal space under the supervision of a warden. The large capacity laundromat, state-of-the-art kitchen, back-up electric power, solar powered energy, purified drinking water, WiFi connectivity, on-campus medical and ambulance facility ensure a hassle-free life for the students.

Transportation: From here to there and everywhere

Acharya runs a fleet of buses and shuttles for commuting to campus from various central locations in Bengaluru. Plus there are transportation facilities to enable students to attend off-campus seminars, workshops, events, etc. The Acharya fleet apart, the campus is well within the network of the city’s public transport - buses, metro and trains

Healthcare: Because health is Wealth

Acharya emergency healthcare comprises of a nursing care unit, doctor on call, physiotherapy clinic, ambulances and tie-up with hospitals in the vicinity. This medical preparedness apart, students are encouraged to be fit through regular programmes such as yoga, meditation, physical fitness activities, etc.

Campus security: Safety first

Comfort and security are innate to campus life at Acharya. An exclusive department with a team of trained professionals and headed by experienced personnel takes care of all the relevant needs.

Congregational facilities: For the like minded

The Acharya campus has innumerable facilities for gathering of students for seminars, workshops, presentations, interactions, etc. These include the central auditorium, conference halls, boardrooms, discussion rooms, etc. spread across the campus.

Wi-Fi: Learn uninterrupted

The entire Acharya campus, including the residences is enabled with usage controlled and monitored high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection to help the students access invaluable academic resources in the webspace.

Banking & Cafeteria conveniences

The on-campus Punjab National Bank e-counter, ATM of Axis Bank, food courts, vending machines and parlours, retail counters, etc. cater to the daily needs of the students.

Post Office

A Post Office ‘Acharya Post Office -PIN 560107’ operates from within the campus for students’ convenience.