AIAHS B.Sc Anesthesia & OTT

B.Sc Anesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology

Academic Focus

This programme teaches students the skills required to be trained technicians skilled to support the anaesthesiologist and the nurse anaesthetist and responsible for the management of operation theatre. The course prepares the students to manage the patients and also trains them in the maintenance of surgical instruments and their sterilization while also teaching them to assist with the administration and monitoring of Anesthesia. They assist the surgeons, specialists, anaesthesiologists and nurses.

Graduates of this programme are trained in detail about Anesthesia technology, medicines related to Anesthesia, human anatomy and physiology, applied pathology, microbiology, operation theatre technology and medicines related to operation theatre.

Career Scope

This is a job oriented arena as the demand for trained operation theatre technicians is projected to increase. A student can either go for higher studies or enter the job market directly. They work in private and government hospitals and nursing homes.

Professionals from these fields are required for surgery and pain relief, these two fractions are always on demand in hospitals with surgical units. They are mainly employed by Anesthesia departments, operation theatres, emergency departments, intensive care units and out-patient surgery clinics.


Duration : 4 years including I year of Internship

Eligibility : A candidate seeking admission to the Bachelor of Science Degree Courses in the Allied Health Sciences shall have studied English as one of the principal subject during the tenure of the course.

  1. Two year Pre-University examination or equivalent as recognized by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as principle subjects of study. OR
  2. Candidates with two years diploma from a recognized Government Board in a subject for which the candidate desires to enroll, in the respective Allied Health Sciences course shall have passed plus 12 [10+2] with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as principal subjects or candidates with 3 years diploma from a recognized Government Board in a subject for which the candidate desires to enroll, in the respective Allied Health Sciences course should have studied Physics, Biology and Chemistry as principal subjects during the tenure of the course
  3. Lateral entry to second year for allied health science courses for candidates who have passed diploma program from the Government Boards and recognized by RGUHS, fulfilling the conditions specified above under sl. No. 2 and these students are eligible to take admission on lateral entry system only in the same subject studied at diploma level from the academic year 2008-09

First Year

Main Subjects

  1. Human Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pathology
  5. Microbiology

Subsidiary Subjects

  1. English
  2. Kannada
  3. Health-care

Second Year

Main Subjects

  1. Medicine relevant to Anesthesia Technology
  2. Applied pathology
  3. Applied microbiology
  4. Applied pharmacology
  5. Introduction to Anesthesia Technology

Subsidiary Subjects

  1. Sociology
  2. Constitution of India
  3. Environmental Science and Health

Third Year

Main Subjects

  1. Anesthesia Technology- Clinical
  2. Anesthesia Technology- Applied
  3. Anesthesia Technology- Advanced

Subsidiary Subjects

  1. Ethics, Database Management
  2. Research & Biostatistics
  3. Computer Application


Our mission is to make a difference in the society, and the field of paramedical in particular, through:

  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Progressive in providing holistic health care service to all
  • Ensure global standards in paramedical education
  • Create & foster a centre of excellence for paramedical professionals
  • Bridging the gap between theory & practical
  • Better pedagogy & learning
  • Superior practical exposure
  • Dedicated teaching support