Polytechnic Aeronautical Engineering

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DAeE)

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is a diploma level engineering programme in aeronautics. The programme helps acquire knowledge about manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft. Candidates also learn the fundamental techniques of operation of aerodynamic machines. The unique thing about Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is that it is a multi-disciplinary course, and hence deals with mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. During the course of study, students learn subjects like electrical and electronics systems, controlling the radio, aircraft designing, aircraft maintenance, service & navigation systems.
The department of Aeronautical Engineering of Acharya Polytechnic is one of the best colleges for the programme in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The aeronautical diploma students experience the right amount of theoretical and practical learning required for the programme through our industry partnerships.
On completion, the students have the option of higher studies in Aircraft Engineering programmes as per EASA or DGCA or B.E / B.Tech Aerospace Engineering / Aeronautical Engineering. The careers after the course completion are financially very rewarding and provide you with good growth opportunities.
The skills gained during the course include numerical and mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, eye to details, good interpretation of figures, plans and machines.


Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility : Pass in SSLC / 10th / HSC or equivalent from any recognised Board or Council with an aggregate of 35%.

Career Scope

Aeronautical Engineers work with one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering. The main thrust in this area is on the design and development of aircraft to space and satellite research. HAL, NAL, Caps Gemini, Quest Bachal, Sono Vision, TCS, WIPRO, HCL etc are Companies involved in the aerospace sector in the areas of design, maintenance and operations for leading aerospace companies such as AirBus, Boeing, Emerald Aviation.

Domain knowledge:

Enable Diploma holders to enter professional careers in aeronautical and aviation-related fields by exhibiting skills and abilities pertinent to theory, analysis, multidisciplinary teamwork, leadership and communication.

Behavioral approach:

Ability to solve technical problems whose solution leads to a significant benefit to society in an ethical manner

Breadth :

Enable our graduates to pursue higher education to further their progress in professional /academic fields

  • Able to understand the principle of mathematics, basic sciences and various engineering aspects
  • Able to understand and analyze aircraft system, components, functions and related problems
  • Able to understand and apply knowledge of science and engineering principles to solve aeronautical field problems
  • Able to use the internet and modern engineering techniques, tools and software packages necessary for aeronautical maintenance practice
  • To understand professional responsibilities with the awareness of the impact of engineering application on culture & society, health and safety issues and legal aspects
  • Able to understand contemporary issues and comprehend the impact of engineering solutions in context with society and environment
  • Able to instil ethical thinking in his actions and professional work
  • Able to work with other team members and lead the team
  • Able to make effective presentations and communicate verbally and in writing
  • Able to develop a desire for continuous learning throughout the professional career

  • Practical implementation and testing skills by providing training and industry exposure to maintain aircraft, develop the process/products for the same
  • Successful career and entrepreneurship - To prepare the students with broad aeronautical knowledge related to various systems to become technicians


To promote the values of learning and self-worth among students and staff within a nurturing and stimulating environment.
To provide technical skill and exploratory experiences that enable each individual to reach their fullest potential and gain a competitive edge in today’s global economy.