Polytechnic DArch

Diploma in Architecture

Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a calling — as well as a science and a business. It has been described as a social art and also an artful science. The art of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect. Architecture often includes design or selection of furnishings and decorations, supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodelling of existing buildings.
A Career in architecture is not only well paying but also gets creative satisfying. The department of Architecture, Acharya Polytechnic helps students to learn the fundamentals of design and balances the curriculum with good exposure through practical learning.
Diploma in Architecture Engineering is a certificate-level course in the domain of Architectural engineering and its related areas. The course can be pursued by candidates after completion of their class 10th education. The course is of three years duration with a semester-wise system of examination.


Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility : Pass in SSLC / 10th / HSC or equivalent from any recognized Board or Council with an aggregate of 35%.

Career Scope

A career in Architecture through formal classroom teaching and practical field exposure. To reinforce intellectual capabilities, stimulate sensitivity, unveil creative talents and develop proficiency in professional skills to enable graduates to competently pursue various specializations within the broad spectrum of Built Environment. To provide opportunities to students to evolve as practitioners, the role they will eventually play as responsible members of society and profession. In this context, the architects are required to be equipped with appropriate skills, understanding & knowledge and also a deep commitment to professed ideals. Further, the programme aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design that forms the core of the programme with supportive inputs from other subjects.

  • To prepare students for successful careers in the industry to meet the needs of Indian and global requirements or to become an entrepreneur
  • To provide an opportunity for students to work in their individual capacity as well as to function as teams on multidisciplinary projects
  • To enable students for lifelong learning, inculcate professional ethics and to focus on sustainable development
  • Identify and engage in the query, develop innovations and products of new materials

  • Apply the knowledge of Science, Maths and architectural principles to solve broadly-defined engineer’s and architectural problems
  • Identify, formulate and solve broadly-defined architectural and structural problems by applying first principles
  • Design and develop plans through conceptual schemes and develop knowledge regarding analysis and interpreting results
  • An ability to identify, formulate and solve the problems using Modern software and other related tools
  • Demonstrate knowledge assess societal, health, legal and cultural issues and consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering practice
  • To imbibe in students the concept of sustainable design which encompass energy conservation, reducing the negative impact on the environment by the built forms
  • Inculcate professional and ethical responsibilities to address the cultural, environmental and social context
  • Participate effectively individually as well as a team to evolve solutions in their respective fields
  • Communicate effectively with written, oral and visual methods and tools in a technical environment
  • Self-learning through continuous professional development and independent life long learning in the context of technological innovations


  • Imparting Knowledge with Academic Excellence by incorporating competitive curriculum and to make students excellent Designers and Professionals, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavours
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation to maximise individual potential
  • Inspiring faculty members to excel and in turn, motivate the students to achieve excellence