Polytechnic CSE

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE)

IT industries are booming in our country and with this, the requirement of software engineers is at an all-time high. Diploma in Computer Engineering course thus has got great career prospects and job opportunities not just within the country, but worldwide. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Colleges in Bangalore can give an added boost to the career of aspirants. Located in the Silicon Valley of India gives an added boost to the opportunities available for the students.
Information technology-related startups are given a major boost by the government and investors. The field of computer science has thus seen a great jump in terms of skill development potential such as in the line of writing codes, application programming, mobile operating systems, related soft skills, etc.
The college also has a world-class learning resource facility that enables students to take up additional courses on topics such as computer operating systems (os), programming languages such as C programming, Java, Python, etc. It is features like these that make Acharya Polytechnic one of the top Diploma in Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India.
This Diploma Course offers students the opportunity to learn hands-on and acquire higher-order skills to develop, install, maintain software and hardware products. The course lays the foundation on the basics of computer programming and networking such as programming language, program design, computer hardware, etc. In the current world, aspirants may pursue entrepreneurial opportunities or opt for higher education.


Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility :Pass in SSLC / 10th Standard / HSC or equivalent from any recognized Board or Council with an aggregate of 35%.

Career Scope

The students who have cleared the Diploma in Computer Science Course can work in top engineering profiles of Telecommunication Engineer, Telecom Engineer, take up Software engineer jobs, Network expert, technical writer, etc

  • Core knowledge: Our graduates apply the principles of science, computer science and mathematics, to solve real-world problems appropriate to the discipline
  • Application knowledge: Our graduates imbibe practical and theoretical knowledge in analyzing and solving problems related to Computer Science & Engineering
  • Professionalism: Our graduates inculcate leadership qualities at levels appropriate to their experience, which addresses issues in a responsive, ethical and innovative manner

  • Basic knowledge: An ability to apply Commerce, Statistics, office operation skills for Corporate and Government sectors to assist in the solution of the Managerial activities
  • Discipline knowledge: An ability to apply office operation skills and execute jobs independently at all levels of management
  • Application and practice: An ability to plan and use of modern office tools and equipment for Secretarial practices and managerial activities
  • Managerial/Secretarial Tools: Apply appropriate technologies and tools with an understanding of their merits and limitations
  • The Profession and society: Demonstrate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to office operations and practice
  • Environment and sustainability: Give support to solve the environmental problems connected with the Business/ Office management issues
  • Ethics: Practice professional ethics and social values
  • Individual and teamwork: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse/multidisciplinary teams
  • Communication: An ability to communicate effectively through oral, writing and presentation
  • Life-long learning: Recognize the need for continuous updating of knowledge, Contribute a healthy organizational climate for better results


  • Creating innovative teaching methods, complimentary to curriculum and to prepare the Computer Science & Engineering diploma graduates in par with global standard
  • Providing infrastructure facilities to stimulate and to encourage innovative ideas & zeal for higher studies
  • Encouraging the facilitators to harness their full potential in the field of Computer Science & Engineering for continuous improvement, creating an environment for all-round growth of both student & teaching fraternity