AIGS BCA Data Science / AI

BCA Data Science / AI

The Bachelor of Computer Applications and Data Science /AI is a three-year programme designed for undergraduate students that offers knowledge in the fields of Computer Applications and Data Science /AI. Acharya in partnership with IBM has come up with an incredible programme, a course specially designed for excellence in learning and career advancement by diligence experts.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary science that applies scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insight from noisy, structured, and unstructured data, and then applies that knowledge and insight to a broad range of applications.

Career Scope

An introductory course in Data Science covers the techniques for recording, analyzing, and storing data so that insights and future predictions can be extracted from it. It is an integral part of the IT industry to use data science to manage data and extract meaningful insights from it. In the future, Data Science / Artificial Intelligence will have tremendous potential for advancement. There is already a high demand for these positions, salaries are competitive, and perks are plentiful.

Learning Resources

  • Acharya offers well-rounded learning opportunities
  • Classroom theoretical sessions with practical orientation
  • Hands-on training in labs and workshops
  • Referencing libraries and online learning through the internet
  • Interactive learning through seminars and symposia
  • Subject experts and industry eminence guided research and project work and industry mentorship
  • Group dynamics involving club activities
  • Outbound Learning, industry visits and educational tour
  • International Summer / Winter School with our partner institutions
  • Cross-Cultural exposure
  • Augmentative academic for enhancing career opportunities

Course Highlights

  • The Data Science Curriculum focuses on techniques of recording, analyzing, and storing data to extract insights and make predictions from structured and unstructured data.
  • Data scientists are increasingly attracting students with analytical and mathematical skills.
  • In recent years, businesses across a wide range of industries have realized the importance of using data, and this has led to a growing demand for data science professionals.

Course Benedictions

  • A heterogeneous Profession.
  • Money-spinning Career Projections.
  • Comprehensive Job Options.
  • Manifold Specializations Accessible.
  • Reasonably priced programme.
  • Waged Internships at IT firms.
  • Prodigious Networking Prospects.

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