AIGS MA Journalism & Mass Communication

Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication

The offered programme MA in Journalism and Mass Communication affiliated to Bangalore City University is blended with dynamism, upmarket characteristics of the mediaworld and capacity building. Balancing between career objectives of an aspiring media professional in acquiring skills of the field, yet focusing on moulding to herald the truth and ethics, make us stand apart from the rest. Critical thinking, rational mind, audacity in reporting facts, speaking truth to the powercenters, adeptness at grasping intricacies of phenomenon, digging the mountain of data and making sense, searching stories from real life, tracking the trends are the few things that we inculcate.

This programme offers, plethora of subjects, delivered so as to carve a professional niche out of raw student. The yet-to-be professional, travels through a path laden with rigorous training comprising of mind blogging debates, hands on experience, panel and group discussions, workshops headed by top journalists and experts from Industry, as well as mentoring by experienced faculty members.


Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility : Any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks in any discipline.

Career Scope: Journalism and Mass communication students are hired in various media fields like, Newspaper, Magazines, Television, Radio, New media platforms, Multinational companies and in public sector. Positions in Print media such as Repórters, Sub editors, Photojournalist ,Correspondent part time. Radio-Programme producer/ executive, Production AsstEditors, Asst. news editor, Editorial Asst. Part time News readers, announcers, production Asst, Research Asst/ officers, Television- Producer/ program executives Video editors, Cameraman, Production Asst, Lightning Asst, Floor managers, Media planners, Research officer. Social media-Social media analyst, Marketing executive, Client mapping, Digital marketing strategist, Content writing, Public RelationsCommunication officer, corporate communication manager, PR executive, Advertising, Copy writer, Creative team member, Media planner, Data analyst, Marketing executive.

  • To equip students with sound knowledge required for various job roles like Reporter, Editor,Script writer, Director, Photo journalist, public relations professionals, copywriting many more in media and entertainment field
  • To strengthen student’s critical/creative thinking, research ability and social responsibility of the media
  • To provide students forcontinued learning environment for higher studies both at home and abroad that enables them toserve academic, creative, administrative fields in both public and private sector
  • To expose students to the growing importance of information technology in communication and social media,which is becoming more powerful than traditional media
  • To create ample opportunity for the students to bring out their latent talents in writing photography video and audio production

  • The students are exposed to all media and imparted the basics in different aspects in each medium like writing, production and editing
  • A firm foundation for pursuing ethical practices is laid to make them true professionals
  • Students learn the effective ways of communication both oral and written
  • Students are geared up to various nuances in media presentations where specific skills need to be acquired
  • Providing a sound platform to practice the theoretical aspects like reporting ,editing and electronic media production
  • Field visits and industry interface provide them ample opportunities to access knowledge on the latest trends in media
  • Advertising and Public relations are vibrant fields with a reasonable degree of employability. The students are taught copy writing and layout design. In PR how it transcends the earlier boundaries
  • How being socially responsible is the bottom line is emphasized and inculcated
  • Research being a vital field the students are encouraged to write papers and participate in seminars and conferences
  • Constant goading of students to gear up for meeting media challenges
  • Augmented learning for students to face competition in the job market and digital media

  • Students will be able to produce news for different media
  • Analyze news and other media products
  • HoningReporting and Editing skills
  • Produce spots/jingle, Radio and Television programmes
  • Perform the public relations and Corporate communication activities
  • Efficacy in communication skills both verbal and nonverbal
  • Using social media as a media platform constructively and ethically
  • Take up research projects and other media projects


The mission of the Department is to promote critical and technological literacy through general and advanced study in literature, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, ESL, linguistics etc. It specifically intends to promote literacy in the global language- to be precise the ability to read, write and think critically and analytically.