AIGS MSc Psychology

Master of Science in Psychology

The Master of Science in Psychology (M.Sc. Psychology) is a two year full time program affiliated to Bengaluru Central University which aims at providing a solid theoretical foundation in conjunction with practical as well as field experience across a variety of specializations. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skill base of students in order to thoroughly equip them to meet growing mental health needs in today’s world. It aims at training students to apply their knowledge in various settings including hospitals, schools, colleges and organizations.


Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility :Candidates having degree with 40% in aggregate and 50% in Psychology.

Career Scope: Psychology being the immense foundation of knowledge in exploring and discovering oneself and others has its own unique scope and advantages. At a graduate level the subject has its reservation almost in all the fields of the society mainly in the fields of clinic, corporate, applied, education and research. In the present challenging and changing environment its being more welcoming and has been in great demand in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology. Moreover much emphasis is given in knowing oneself. Students have a great scope in acquiring knowledge in the field of psychology especially acquiring their masters in psychology. In India Psychology is an upcoming field and therefore a lot of attention is diverted especially in the fields like Forensic Psychology, criminology and research. Society has been welcoming a lot of job openings for psychology graduates.

  • To encourage students to understand the historical developments, basic theories that facilitate understanding of Human Behavior in various contexts
  • To strengthen the knowledge of Psychologywith sound theoretical and practical knowledge
  • To arouse curiosity and scientific temper by means of regular experimentations and discussion
  • To encourage students to understand and create awareness about mental health, educate people to seek referrals for Psychological Interventions

  • Students emerge with a comprehensive understanding of theoretical constructs and their applications
  • Students learn to carry-out basic researches, identify various phases and in research, choose appropriate design, analyze the available research data
  • Students will be equipped with core competencies to pursue their further education
  • Through their internships and research projects, the students acquire hands-on experience facilitating career prospects

  • Through peer-based interactions and classroom activities, the students are kept up to date with emerging trends in the field
  • The internships in various fields help the students achieve a deeper understanding of the nuances of the work sphere
  • The study of organizational behavior renders a prospective candidate eligible candidate to join the work force immediately
  • The students will have better understanding of individual, interpersonal and group processes, in relation to multiple contexts
  • Students with a deeper understanding of clinical psychology have scope to be placed in mental health professions


To strive towards enhancement of the entrepreneurial skills of students and imbue them with managerial strategies for a smooth manoeuvre and flourish in face of any crisis.