Master of Social Work

Department of Social Work, MSW Course provides the students with the knowledge and skills which are essential for a professional career as a social worker. Masters of Social Work (MSW) program generally offer the with students a strong foundation for generalist social work practice. Students enrolled in postgraduate program are trained to offer and provide services to individuals, groups and communities, with a specialfocal point on working with underserved or oppressed populations.

Core Concepts and Coursework

Students enrolled in the social work degree program will learn from core social work knowledge base which is both holistic and multi-disciplinary. Students enrolled will be provided theoretical and practical exposure in methods of social work such as social case work, social group work andcommunity organization while also exploring the allied areas such as human behaviour, socialwelfare policy, human rights, research methods etc, alongside concurrent field work, variousobservation visits are organized to NGOs, hospitals, industries to understand and bridge the gapbetween theory and practice.


Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility : Any Bachelor’s degree with aggregate of 45% in all the subjects including languages is eligible to apply. In case of candidates belonging to SC/ST/Cat-1, there shall be a relaxation of 05%. However the eligibility for admissions shall be as per the general guidelines/orders of the Bengaluru Central University /Government of Karnataka, as notified from time to time.

Career Scope:

The program has tremendous scope for employment as well as for being a social entrepreneur as it provides all round theoretical and practical knowledge and develop professionals:

  • The course grooms the students to imbibe the skills that are required by all the major organizations in the present scenario
  • This course helps students to get practical aspects of different functional areas of business
  • This course act as a platform for further Post graduate Course
  • This course gives a chance to students to specialize in their chosen field in the final semester

  • To equip candidates with the knowledge of working with people and the ability in problem solving through Field experience
  • To promote among trainees a sense of commitment and dedication to strive for equity, social justice, social harmony and peace
  • To sensitize the trainees to involve themselves for the cause of poor, subaltern under privileged and disadvantaged section of the society
  • To develop confidence among the trainees to feel themselves as change agents for social change and transformation

  • PO 1: Our graduates will demonstrate professionalism in their behavior
  • PO 2: Our graduates will communicate effectively in their professional engagements
  • PO 3: Our graduates will have effective problem-solving skills in the context of micro, mezzo and macro practices
  • PO 4: Our graduates will demonstrate proactive civic engagement

  • PO1: To demonstrate professionalism in their behaviour
    • PSO1: Uphold social work values and ethics
    • PSO2:Perform appropriate leadership roles in diverse situations of social work practice
    • PSO3:Demonstrate management skills in their professional practice
    • PSO4:Perform effectively in team environments
  • PO 2: Abiliy to Communicate effectively in their professional engagements
    • PSO1:Communicate effectively in ‘working with individuals’
    • PSO2:Communicate effectively in ‘working with group’
    • PSO3:Communicate effectively in ‘working with community’
    • PSO4:Communicate effectively in organizational context
  • PO 3: Demonstrate effective problem-solving skills in the context of micro, mezzo, and macro practices
    • PS01:Apply social work process with different client systems
    • PSO2:Demonstrate the ability in reflective practices in their practice milieu
    • PSO3:Perform social work research
  • PO 4: Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
    • PSO1:Demonstrate volunteerism to reach out to people in vulnerable and marginalized situations
    • PSO2:Able to engage in policy practices for advancing human rights and socioeconomic, political and environmental justice
    • PSO3:Ability to implement prevention interventions that enhance client capacities
    • PSO4:Ability to collect, organize, and interpret client data in regard to practice
    • PSO5:Ability to negotiate, mediate and advocate for client
    • PS06:To provide guidance and Counseling to the target individual/group/community


We prepare our students to practice social work with integrity and competence in the Industry , Clinical and social development settings; To conduct, disseminate, and translate theoretical and empirically informed scholarship and research that impacts the social work knowledge base and transforms practice and policy.